How to create a standard post?

A standard post is the default post type.

You can add text and images to your post using the tools and content box.

You should setup category or categories for the post in order to group posts and help guest of your blog find your content. You can do it in the right part of the screen with set of checkboxes.

Also you can setup tag or tags for your article; these tags will be on the bottom of the article and this is the second way to group your articles. A guest can search articles by tag (click by tag on the post page) or using widget Tag Cloud. You can setup tags above list of categories in the right part of the screen.

After these actions you should publish your post - you can do it through "Publish" section in the right part of the screen. You can setup some things:

  • visibility;
  • publish time;

You should change visibility ("public" by default) if you want to hide your post - for it there are 2 statuses: "private" and "password protected". "Password protected" helps you to setup password for this post, and your guests must enter this password before they can see the content.

"Publish time" ("immediately" by default) helps you to publish your post in the right date / time if you don't want do it right now.

Example of a standard post: http://thevenusdesign.com/sea/